Shadi Karne Ka Wazifa

Pasand Ki Shadi Karne Ka Wazifa

October 14, 2017 admin 0

Shadi Karne Ka Wazifa Here are some A’maal our pious predecessors have prescribed. Though these are not taken from the Hadeeth, they are tried and tested, and inspired to the Awliya of Allaah. Bear in mind that it is merely a manner of asking Allaah {Read More}

How To do Istikhara from Quran

How To do Istikhara from Quran

May 14, 2015 admin 0

How To do Istikhara from Quran ,”You can take a fal from Quran as it is a recommended and preferred method by all Aulia Allah. Fal means to take a sign or answer from Quran about some thing. The message is always loud and clear. {Read More}


How to do a Istikhara

January 25, 2015 admin 0

How to do a Istikhara ,”In most country you will find the Istikhara dua but no-one explains how to perform it exactly. There is no Hadis explaining tips on how to do it exactly and the quantity of times to investigate dua. Only Aulia Allah {Read More}