Muslim Mantra इस्लामी तंत्र

इस्लामी तंत्र
इस्लामी तंत्र

Muslim Mantra 

Muslim Mantra are extremely powerful and bring result soon. We are building some islamic tantra rule easy doing remedies which can be performed by anyone at your home or as aimed. When we commence any muslim prayer or maybe mantra, always say

“Bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem” once at first. Then say ones prayer. No have to read “Bismillah…. ”

time and again.

Aaytul Kursi: – this is one of the most auspicious and powerful prayer in Islam not simply to protect from Evil but to solve ones all issues such as getting job, achievements and prosperity. Aaytul kursi is as following: –

Allahu la-ilaha illa huwal hayyul kayyoomu laa takhujuhu cuando na tuwam va laa naum lahu maa fiss-mavati va maa phil arzi man zallzi yash-fa-u in-dahu illa bee-iz-nihi ya-al-mu maa bai-na ai dihim va maa khal-pha hum va laa yuhitu na bishaim minute ilmihi illa bima sha aa va see aa kursi yuhuss-mavati val arz va laa yau-duhoo hifzu huma va huwal aliyul azeem.

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