How to do a Istikhara


How to do a Istikhara ,”In most country you will find the Istikhara dua but no-one explains how to perform it exactly. There is no Hadis explaining tips on how to do it exactly and the quantity of times to investigate dua. Only Aulia Allah clarify this.

This is how we do it. Firstly convert your own first name into Arabic plus the find out the particular aded (numerical value) of your respective first name out of this website. Please just click here or look it up from your main menu.

Suppose your name is usually Mustafa and aded connected with Mustafa are 4505. You can add up each of the aded like that


Hence the particular aded of Mustafa are 5. Mustafa will investigate Istikhara dua 5 situations.
first do fresh new wudu and accomplish 2 rakat Tahayatul Wudu Salah. Following salam read
Darood/salavat 3 times
then read Surah Fatiha 3 times
then Darood/salavat 3 times….. then

Do only two rakat nafal pertaining to Itikhara and Istianat( help) from Allah. This may be the niyet of the particular nafal.
In first rakat you might read Surah Kafirun after. In 2nd rakat Surah Ikhlas after.
After salam you might read the Istikhara dua 5 times as a whole.